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Heads You Win, Tails I Lose


Before looking back at the 2008 Minnesota Twins (as well as discussing the current playoff situations), I first have to comment on something that has generated a bit of controversy of late: the practice of flipping a coin to determine tiebreaker scenarios.

First, however, I want to say that I am NOT in any way, shape, or form blaming the Twins’ loss to the Chicago White Sox on home field advantage.  The Twins were out-hit (barely) and out-pitched (barely), but we were beaten fair and square and I tip my hat to the Sox for doing so.

That being said, however, the process of determining a ballpark for a tiebreaker is still wrong.  Why is head-to-head record not used?  To put the fate of the most crucial game of the season (at least to that point) for both teams involved up to a 50-50 chance just doesn’t seem right to me.  Perhaps if the head-to-head record is tied then a coin-flip is needed, but NOT until that point.  Again, I’m not complaining here, but I think the Twins would have won that tiebreaker in the Metrodome, while the Sox would have (and did) win it at “The Cel”.  To have that determined by a coin flip…ridiculous.

The best example I can use for this is the old determination of home field advantage in the World Series.  Before 2003, the AL and NL just rotated that advantage (key word) each year.  Again, stupid.  Personally, I loved the idea of making the All-Star game the determination of World Series home field (as it also serves the purpose of having the All-Star game mean something), but I also wouldn’t have objected to an NFL-like scenario, where the team with the best record gets that advantage.

Perhaps this is something that can be addressed by MLB brass in the offseason, as it really needs to be changed (and not just because my team lost, either).

Playoff Notes:

-So, C.C. Sabathia can lose.  Of course, the Phils are still the Phils (I like to call them the Minnesota Vikings of the baseball world), so the Brewers are still in it.

-I still think the Angels will defeat the Red Sox.  Whereas in past years the Angels lived and died on the performance of John Lackey, they now have Ervin “Pitching Like Johan “Santana and Joe Saunders waiting in the wings.

-The biggest surprise so far has been the Dodgers’ performance against the Cubs.  The “Team of Destiny” Cubs are now on the brink of elimination.


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