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Blue Jay Beatdown

Twins_Blue_Jays_Baseball_sff_171543_game.jpgWell, I can say this about the Toronto Blue Jays: They sure do swing the bats with authority.  If the opposing pitcher (like Pavano today) isn’t on his game and leaves too many meatballs out over the plate, this team will make them pay for those transgressions.

It was just one of those days to forget for the Twins, as they were hammered by the Jays from start to finish.  Pavano (4 IP, 10 H, 6 ER) got rocked early, and the pen couldn’t stem the tide late.

Plus, the bats never got going against Shaun Marcum as he continued his dominance over AL batsmen.

Two victories would have been nice, but splitting a series (even a short one) on the road is at least not a disaster.  A split against Boston the next two days would also salvage a road trip that looked like disaster after those first two Yankee games.

Preview (24-15, 2.0 GA DET): Scott Baker (4-3, 4.93) vs. Clay Buchholz (4-3, 3.46)

Which One Is The Hot Corner Again?


Usually, the “hot corner” of the infield is the third base position. Tonight, it was the other corner.

On one hand, it doesn’t go much “hotter” than Justin Morneau right now, after ripping two more homers tonight and upping his league-leading average to .374.  He is about as locked in as a hitter can be at this point, and Twins fans can only hope that he sustains even a fraction of this performance through September and (hopefully!) October, which has been a problem for him the last few years due to slumps and injuries.

Also, first base was the site of Toronto 1B Lyle Overbay’s meltdown in the fourth inning.  After already failing to snag a few hot shots in the earlier innings, Overbay committed another faux pas by dropping an easy third out of the inning, then proceeded to fire wildly to third (and missing the mark) and allow another run to scamper home.  It was a sequence straight out of Little League desperation, complete with the frazzled infielder, carousel-like baserunning, and frustrated fans chanting the name of Overbay’s potential replacement, Brett Wallace.

After the emotional win over the Yankees yesterday afternoon, it was nice to see the Twins coming out focused once again today and not have a dip in energy that seemed to happen so much last season.

Preview (24-14, 1st, 2 GA DET): Carl Pavano (4-3, 3.30) vs. Shaun Marcum (2-1, 2.78)


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