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The Doc Is OUT

3305f3be-e2b9-411d-9bbe-9461d17e41dd.jpgI really don’t like to say anything bad about Roy Halladay, as he is one of my favorite pitchers to watch in the American League, but the Twins finally (for the first time in 12 years) got to him today and came away with a victory.

There have been a handful of pitchers over the years who have had the Twins’ number, including Mike Mussina, Roger Clemens, Mark Buerhle (for a time) and Chuck Finley. The latest in that string had been Halladay, 8-0 in his career against the Twins.

Of course, we really didn’t GET to him tonight (a couple of solo homers from Cabrera and Morneau) and a big hit from Cuddyer, and he still managed to pitch all nine innings of the contest (what a gamer!). It’s just that Carl Pavano was just as good through seven and one third, allowing just one run on six hits and striking out five.

A few things that were nice to see:

-Morneau and Cuddyer driving balls again. Morneau really crushed that one in the eighth inning (hitting it that deep in Rogers Centre is quite a feat), and Cuddyer had been in the pattern of giving away at-bats again until breaking out in the ninth.

-Pavano pitching deep (and well) into the late innings of a game.  If his price tag isn’t too high, I think that the Twins would do well to sign him up again for 2010.  He’s never going to be the next Johan Santana or even Brad Radke, but he can (on a pretty regular occasion) post a quality start, something the young guys in the rotation haven’t yet been able to accomplish.

-In other baseball news…


With three hits in the Yankees game today, Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrig for the most hits all-time by a Yankee at 2,721.  I have never been shy about letting people know that, while not hating the Yankees outright (like I do the White Sox!), I pretty much despise everything they stand for (big market greed, selfish owner, etc.).  However, Derek Jeter is the exception to that rule.  I have always admired his day-to-day ability, and (in a way) he sort of reminds me of Cal Ripken (just with a great skill-set).  A first-ballot Hall of Famer if he never plays another game.

Preview (70-69, 2nd, 5.5 GB DET): Scott Baker (13-7, 4.34) vs. Brett Cecil (6-4, 5.46). We gained a game on Detroit last week…now we have to do it again.  With the season running out of dates, the way I see the Twins having a chance is if, going into both series’ with the Tigers, we need to be close enough so that a sweep will pull us even with them.  Even then it is a long shot, but look at what happened with the Twins and Sox last year. 

Moose In The Hall? Yes.

364523_Mike-Mussina-060604.jpgI know I’m a little late to jump into this discussion, but recently it was announced that Mike Mussina will be retiring from baseball at the age of 39, coming off arguably his best season (20-9, 200 IP, 3.37 ERA) in professional baseball.  Right away, all the buzz about his decision was not so much focused on him leaving the game, but whether or not he is Hall of Fame-worthy.  Before I put my two cents in, here’s a look at some of Moose’s career stats that may be vital for his Hall bid in the future:

W-L: 270-153

K: 2,813

CG: 57

SO: 23

ERA: 3.68

Looking at those stats, Mussina is what I would consider a borderline HOF case.  He has a lot of wins, but not quite 300…a lot of strike outs, but not quite 3,000…a good career ERA, but not quite dominant.  However, if I could cast a vote, I would put Moose in the Hall based on one key area: winning percentage.  That 270-153 record translates into a .368 winning %, which, at least in my opinion, is quite remarkable.  Of course, many of you out there will point out that his W-L totals were inflated by playing for the Yankees for so many years, but even when you look back to Moose’s days in Baltimore, he just didn’t loose many games.

In borderline cases like these (as I can also see the case against Moose), what I like to think of is whether or not the Hall of Fame would somehow be cheapened or degraded if the player were let in.  I don’t see that happening with Mike Mussina, as he has been a great MLB pitcher during the last decade and one that fans will remember for many years after he leaves the game.


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