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Gardy: More Than Ever

With the Twins cruising through a competitively useless September, there is one “big picture” thing I worry about more than any other: the possibility of manager Ron Gardenhire’s posterior region warming a bit in terms of job security.

Now, I have never been an unconditional Gardy supporter.  I’ve questioned his playoff managing many a time, as well as his proficient use of weak “getaway day” lineups.  However, I strongly feel that he still remains the right manager for this ballclub.

Gardy has always preached “fundamentals” and this year has clearly shown how important those little things are.  Going forward, this team may need a lot of guidance for the youngsters, and I think Gardy does that as well (if not better) than any manager in baseball.

Put it this way: With a few healthy “studs” and more time to train the young guys, I am confident that our skipper can turn this ship back around in the right direction in a hurry.

I just hope he’ll be given the opportunity and nothing crazy comes down from the front office.


Strange Item 1: In early July, I attended two Twins games at Chicago’s Cell, with both teams still battling to get into the division race.  The Twins owned the Sox at that time.  Fast-forward two months, and both teams are now essentially playing out the string.  The Sox now own us, as well.

Strange Item 2: Empty seats at Target Field.  Yes, it’s the first “school night” of the year and a makeup game at that, but those green seats sure look strange amid two seasons of near-perpetual sellouts.  Unfortunately, much more green may be showing once the Vikings kick into full gear.

Preview (58-83, 5th, 0.5 GB KCR): Jake Peavy (6-7, 5.21) vs. Liam Hendriks (Major League Debut)


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