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“Kubel” Kahn and Hank The Blank

fantasy_a_jkubel_300.jpgWell, for those of you who thought that the Minnesota Twins had dropped off the face of the earth this offseason, just recently they announced a deal-in-principle with outfielder Jason Kubel.  It is a two-year contract, with salary figures not having been released yet.

For some reason, Jason Kubel is one of my favorite Twins players.  I just like the “all-or-nothing” approach he takes to hitting…either he hits the ball on the button, or he hits weak dribblers to the infield…there’s no in-between.  He also has the best “theme music” (played when he strides to the plate), the first few bars of Click Click Boom, of any MLB player.  I’m excited that Kubel is back!!

In other news, former Twin Henry Blanco signed a one-year contract with the San Diego Padres.  Man, that guy was ancient when he played with the Twins in 2004.  I guess he came highly recommended from former Padre Greg Maddux.


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