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Remembering ’11

Although the 2011 season did not end well for the Minnesota Twins (the understatement of the year, to be sure), it is still another baseball season in the books, full of ups and downs and memorable moments along the way. This post list those moments that I remember…

-On my couch, hot dogs and brats in hand, to watch Opening Day…and then seeing the Twins out of it in Toronto before it even began, really.  Should have known something from Day One, I guess.

-Getting all excited about Nishioka, then seeing the Yankees take him out early and him become a basket case late.

-Liriano’s May no-no against the White Sox.  Probably the most unimpressive no hitter I’ve ever seen, but still a special night.

-The mid-June surge that saw Ben Revere and Alexi Casilla ignite the team.

-Watching at Target Field as Matt Capps blew ANOTHER save against the Brew Crew.

-Walking on the hallowed “Field of Dreams” in Iowa as part of a baseball-themed vacation.

-Seeing the Twins play the White Sox at The Cell as part of said vacation.

-Attending (at one point in early July) four games in the span of five days.

-The terrible months of August & September which, towards the end, even tested my patience in sitting through an entire error-ridden, pitching-splintered game.

And then, of course, there was perhaps the most meaningless season finale in Twins history.  Except, of course, that it wasn’t.  With John Gordon behind the microphone for the final time, the Twins rallied in the ninth for a walk-off win thanks to the bat of Trevor Plouffe and the legs of Denard Span.

Though, for sure, those last few months were trying and many times I just wished the season would mercifully come to a close, that final game really put things in perspective.  With each passing day without baseball (and especially when football comes to an end), all I’ll want is simply this, with my Minnesota Twins…

Three Videos In Remembrance Of 9/11/2001

Where Were You?

Where was I?  I was in tenth grade at Fergus Falls High School in Minnesota, out on the football field with the marching band practicing for the upcoming Homecoming Field Show.  Upon entering my first hour class that day (American History, ironically enough), we watched some of the TV coverage of CNN.  Mostly, I just remember being really confused (as were most people) as to what had happened. Looking back, we now know that Islamic terrorists were responsible for the terrible tragedies that day, but at the time it was just a horrifying mystery.  At the next bell, I ended up in French class and saw the second tower fall into rubble, with that infamous radio antenna going straight down.

Please take a moment out of your busy schedule today to remember those who died on this day eight years ago, as well as those heroes who tried their best to clean up the mess.


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