I’m Tryin’

Last Tuesday night, I sat down to watch a Twins game with the best of intentions. I was feeling a little guilty about not following them as closely as I usually do, so I settled in for a night of baseball.

I lasted four innings.

Right now, the brand of baseball the Twins are playing is both maddening and sad at the same time.  The starting pitchers are all youngsters (with Pavano the exception) and thus inconsistent, the bats are nonexistent, and the fielding is atrocious.  After four innings against KC on Tuesday night, I saw the starting pitcher get blasted around, the bats do nothing, and the defense throw the ball around like Little Leaguers.

I know I should always root root root for the home team, as the tune implies, but right now I’m only trying to do so.  If the Twins were competitive whatsoever it would be much easier, as just watching baseball is nearly enough for me.  However, the Twins are hardly doing enough right now to distinguish their games from Spring Training scrimmages.

Like I said, I’m tryin’, but right now it’s awfully difficult.

Preview (59-89, 5th, 4.0 GB KCR): Ubaldo Jiminez (3-2, 4.98) vs. Kevin Slowey (0-5, 6.07)

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