What The “Deuce”?

As a rookie in 2009, Brian Duensing impressed the Twins so much that he started a playoff game in the Bronx (although I’ll let you guess about the result).

In 2010, Duensing was a starter, long reliever, and setup man on another division-winning team.  In fact, he was my personal choice for ’10 team MVP.

This year, however, has been a disaster for Duensing.  He pitched okay towards the beginning of the season, but the last few months have been a train wreck.  He’s walking guys left and right, only pitching a few innings per start, and (rather inexplicably) has been very poor at throwing to any base on a batted ball.  I don’t think he’s been hurt, so that’s a small consolation, but the effectiveness has vanished as quickly as it developed.

I’ve seen a lot of batters in the throes of “sophomore slumps”, but pitchers usually struggle early on and then only get better (potentially).  Duesing, so far in is career, has been the polar opposite.

Just another question mark on a team that, just a year ago, were beginning to run away with the division.

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