Twins HOF: Jim Perry

This weekend, the Twins inducted pitcher Jim Perry into their Hall of Fame.

According to the stats, Perry (in his 10 seasons with Minnesota) had three excellent seasons as a reliever/spot starter (before those roles were so defined) and three spectacular seasons as a starter (winning the Cy Young Award in 1970).  He also spent time in Cleveland, Detroit, and Oakland during his 17-year career.

After retirement, Perry (especially in recent years) has become a nice Twins ambassador of sorts, appearin gat all the reunions and special events.  I think he really identifies as a “Twin” more than any other team.  Older fans really wax nostalgic (and with good reason) about him from those exciting mid-60s-1970 years of Twins baseball.

Though his raw Twins stats may make Perry a borderline Twins HOFer, the honor couldn’t be bestowed on more of a gentleman and baseball lifer.  Enjoy the company, Jim!

Preview (26-39, 5th, 2.0 GB KCR): Gavin Floyd (6-5, 3.89) vs. Carl Pavano (3-5, 4.54)

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