New Point Of View

Okay, it’s almost the end of May and the Twins are 15 games below .500 (15-30), and dead last in the AL Central.  I’ve done all the analyzing I can (injuries, wrecked bullpen, disappointing starters, etc.) and am taking a new point of view from this point forward:

The way I see it, we are 5.5 GB the Chicago White Sox right now for fourth place.  Once there (if ever), we can set our sets on third, and so on and so forth.  I don’t care what the Indians or Tigers are doing right now, or even what our record is (to an extent).  I’m just looking to move up in the rankings, one at a time.


Aw, sounds like my thought process with my Orioles. “Once we can beat the Blue Jays for 4th place, maybe we can somehow maybe kinda probably not snag 3rd. But let’s get 4th first and take it from there.”
-Avi M
2131 and Beyond: The games. The news. The experiences. The Orioles.

When your team (or mine) is sitting in the cellar, I think that is the mindset that needs to be in play. Don’t worry about first before you even get out of last.

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