The Sidewinder (Leaves)

Neshek1.jpgToday, Pat Neshek was claimed off waivers by the San Diego Padres.  I had no idea he would even be “up for grabs”, so this move kind of blind-sided me.  Sad to think how much potential he had in this organization, before the major arm troubles hit him hard and heavy.

I mean, a few years ago he was considered closer material.  Now, his velocity tops out in the mid-80s and that sidewinding delivery isn’t enough to fool batters on its own.

Neshek’s heralded (then brief) stay with the Twins reminds me of another guy in this organization…

imagesCAO1V159.jpg During the early 2000s, Michael Restovich was heralded as our best blue-chip prospect.  That went well.  The power never developed, the batting eye wasn’t there, and pretty soon he was bouncing all over the majors (even Japan for awhile) looking for jobs.

Pretty much the same story with Neshek.  Great prospect, great potential, but ultimately very little delivered (at least for us).  I wish him well in his future exploits, but have a bad feeling that perhaps he may never be able to re-capture that “spark” he once had.  I hope I’m wrong.

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