The G-Man Goeth

asdfasdf.jpg“Our” Matty Guerrier is now a Los Angeles Dodger.

On the practical side of things, the Twins’ bullpen will miss Matty’s arm tremendously.  On the numerous occasions that our entire bullpen seemed to be collapsing all at once, Guerrier was one guy who could usually stem the tide and at least get the defense off the field when no one else could.

However, there’s another part of me that thinks the Dodgers are getting Guerrier’s “last years” as a major leaguer.  For most of his Twins tenure, he would get overused terribly during the first half of the season, and thus lose his effectiveness come September.  Last year, he wasn’t  even overused all that much and he STILL tired down the stretch.

I soemtimes just wonder if middle relievers have a short shelf life…period.  I mean, what is a middle reliever but a guy without closer’s stuff, and without the stamina of a starter.  So, they often have to rely on trickery, arm angles, or pitching to contact to succeed, all things that batters tend to figure out easier than pure heat or pinpoint location.

Thus, while I wish all the best for Matty in LA, I wonder if this isn’t a smart move (financially speaking, of course) for the Twins…dumping a guy BEFORE he loses it, not AFTER.

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