Gardy Finally Gets It

ron-gardenhire-minnesota-twins-mlb.jpgOld news, I know, but I just wanted to make sure to congratulate Ron Gardenhire on his 2010 manager of the year award.  After taking second place SO MANY times in this category, he finally pulled in the well-deserved hardward for guiding the Twins to the Central Division championship this season.

Gardy has one thorn in his side: beating the Yankees.  Other than that inexplicable almost complete failure, he is the best manager a team could ask for.  He loves baseball, knows his stuff, is great at keeping an even-keel, and just overall seems like a down-to-earth good guy.

So Gardy, congrats again and hopefully you’ll be bringing home a new trophy in ’11…one with a few more flags on it! 


Grady actually should have won it at least one other times the last three years.
His Twins teams always take that last step late in the season to secure or win their division. For the last three years his outstanding job performance kind of took a backseat to a few teams that thrust themselves up early and stayed in the spotlight late.
The Twins are one of those teams I always feared as a Rays fan because you never knew actually what you were going to get.
You knew his teams could hit, and his starters had the right stuff, but the little things always got done by the Twins and suddenly you are staring at a big fat “L”.

Rays Renegade

i’m sorry but Ron Washington should’ve won the award(wow sound like kanye west) i’m a big fan a Grady because he gets the best out of his players but Ron Washingtons’ team went to the world series when in the beginning of the year some considered them to go forth in the west. yes you can say well they went out and got Lee but as we know not one pitcher makes a team other wise the rockies would have made the playoffs but hey just my opinion

Very deserving. The Twins are always prepared and fundamentally sound.

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