Thanks, MLBlogs!

thanks.gifIn the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to say a big “thank-you!” to the MLBlogs community for featuring me on your front page.

Like I say in the blog description, I started this blog because, after graduating college in 2008 and thus no longer being able to write for the University Register campus paper at UMM (University of Minnesota-Morris), I still wanted a sportswriting “outlet”.

I don’t do it to vent (or at least I TRY not to…!), but just because I like the Twins (and baseball in general) and think people might find a little enjoyment in the words I put into a blank text box.

I also write reviews, and one person on that site once said that there are three parts of any experience: the build-up, the event, and the reflection.  With baseball, all those three things are readily apparent, and I try to balance my comments equally between the three.  Some people skip the first and third steps to focus on the event, while others just cut out the reflection and shut the mind down when the primary experience ends.  I savor that reflection and try to be honest in my assessments of what I feel to be the “truth” about baseball and the Twins

So again, thanks for the honor, and keep reading if it strikes your fancy.  I’ll try to hold up my end of the bargain as well!

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