Long Live The King…

felix-hernandez1.jpgComing into this past baseball season, the two most coveted pitchers I wanted for my fantasy baseball team were Roy Halladay and Felix Hernandez. I got King Felix, though it looks like it wouldn’t have really even mattered one way or the other!

Congrats to Hernandez for winning the 2010 AL Cy Young Award.  This year will likely go down as the turning point in the battle of the “stat heads” (Felix had only 13 wins on a horrible team) vs. the traditionalists (who likely voted for David Price or CC Sabathia).  Here’s the way I look at it, though:

Day in and day out, who was the most dominant pitcher in the AL?  Though Price comes close, I’ll take King Felix right now.


First fell in love with King Felix during a 2006 4-days Rays versus M’s adventure out in Seattle.
Was introduced toi him by a Rays reliever and even in his speckled Spanglish, his charm just seems to flow off him like water in the Emerald City’s Ballard Locks.
Most people argue that a guy with that final win total should not win an award like this. But I totally disagree.
Felix has done more with less than any other starter in the MLB this season.
First his duo mate gets hurt and he is again exposed as the single threat in the Seattle rotation. Then Cliff Lee gets well and eventually winds up with AL West foe, Texas. Filter that with the debacle in the clubhouse with a Manager losing confidence in his team, a eruption of Mount Bradley in an epic meltdown and closing with an aging generational icon slowly becoming invisible..Felix still pitched extra innings in useless games just hoping to get a lucky break.
Sure C C Sabathia won 22 games, but Felix did more with less offensive weapons and stability.

Rays Renegade


Hernandez deserves the Cy Young award. It isn’t his fault he pitches for a team that lacks run support. Congrats!

Front page of the Blogosphere! Way to go, Zach!

And, yes, I agree The King was a good choice for the AL Cy Young!

– Randy

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