Sour Grapes

grapes-print.jpgI wanted to quickly comment here on something that kind of disturbed me the other day:

Just recently, the Minnesota Twins organization released a statement saying how they are going to improve Target Field by adding a right field scoreboard and a cool LED tower thingy…


Basically, the organization is telling fans that they are going to continue to try and provide the best fan experience in major league baseball

However, just a day later, Twins 1B Justin Morneau complains that the Twins are not going to move in the fences.  Talk about your sour grapes.  Though I understand Morneau’s thinking to an extent (as HR’s were very difficult to come by in 2010), that is not his decision to make, or even comment on.

The Twins set up Justin for life with a huge contract, and (since that point) have seen him miss significant time due to injuries.  Now, by no means am I saying that Morneau is faking his injuries (concussion) or anything like that, but after missing an entire half a season, it isn’t his prerogative to get whiny about the executive decisions (sometimes life sucks and you need to just man up and keep your mouth shut).

Plus, if I were a Twins pitcher reading that article, I’d be feeling a little miffed right now too.  The Twins had the best home record in the AL last season, I believe, and now Morneau wants to change the fences for what would primarily be a personal gain?  That wouldn’t fly with me.

None of this is to say that I have completely soured on Morneau, but these are the little flashes that we get into people’s character that competitive sports often bring out.

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