Options, Options

The other day, the Twins made a few “option” decisions on players:


First, Jason Kubel was brought back for 2001.  Overall, he had a disappointing ’10 campaign after a breakout 2009, but the RBI’s really started coming in those final months, so there is hope he can bounce back.


Also, Nick Punto was not offered an option, but could return at a lower salary. It would be strange to see Little Nicky go, as it would truly signal an end to that “pirahna” era, but I wouldn’t miss Gardy’s unwavering devotion to him one bit, even when we were desperate for some offense at times.  The presence of Matt Tolbert might make Nicky expendable.

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This is that weird time of the year where the MLB’s front offices make a few gambles and test their player’s loyalties and pride by refusing to pick-up options, or even releasing a player for some fiscal reasons.
It is the gameble then on the player to notlook greedy or even unprofessional or without pride to either find a way to resign a deal that makes both sides smile, or salute the fans who cheered for them on their way out of the building.
First 5 days after the World Series Champion is crowned is some of the most intense times in the off season.
It is when either loyalties are tested or rewarded…depending on the size of the upcoming salary.

Rays Renegade


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