Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor? NO!

At the old Metrodome, when the Twins were down going into the final inning, this pump-up video would play on the Jumbotron:

C’mon Twins…don’t go down meekly again!


My Fraternity in College was DTX, but we did not have the “Animal House” mentality…normally.
But that clip has been one of the grestest motivational tool since the Norte Dame fans calling for “Rudy”.
Hope the Twins can keep up the streak tonight of all visiting teams in the ALDs series to win their games.
Rays did it earlier tonight, now it is the Twins turn to send the Yankee fans home with an upside-down smile.

Rays Renegade


Wasn’t it the Japanese that bombed pearl harbor? Maybe that’s why they lost they were fighting the wrong enemy…


Phillies Outside

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