Twins vs. Yankees X-Factors

Well, here it is, the night before the playoff ALDS opener against the New York Yankees at Target Field.  Here are my “x-factors” for this series:


The first two starters…


andy-pettite.jpgBoth these two starters are renowned Twins-killers, capable of shutting down even our most potent bats for inning after inning.  To me, just splitting (even at home) with these guys on the mound would be the best we could hope for, as I’m confident that Duensing will beat Hughes in the Bronx for Game 3.  However, two straight losses would pretty much doom us.

For the Twins:

The big righthanded bat…


In previous years, the Twins have never had that powerful righthanded bat in the lineup to counter-act a tough lefty on the mound. Delmon Young changes the equation.

Also, though I won’t necessarily say this is a prediction, but I think Ron Gardenhire gives the Twins a big edge…


Not saying that Joe Girardi isn’t a quality manager as well, but you know that Gardy will have our boys ready to go for every game. Plus, this year he has some “bullets in the chamber” instead of blanks to match up with the Yanks’ firepower.

I’m too superstitious to make a prediction on this series due to the fact that my home team is in it, so about all that’s left to say is this:


Preview: C.C. Sabathia (0-0, 0.00) vs. Francisco Liriano (0-0, 0.00).  The slate is wiped clean in the postseason!


Zack, one thing must happen Wednesday night: Finding a way to rattle C.C. It’s been done. It hasn’t been done since last year. Just need to get to him quick for the mid-relief to arrive. Our bats are capable of doing this.

Regarding Pettitte, I am very surprised that the Yanks moved him up to Game 2 on the road. I will point to a start he did on rehab when a Double-A team (the Eastern League champs Altoona Curve) started to rattle Andy as the game progressed. Pettitte maybe be recovered, but things can turn around when they’re ripe.

We can do this. We can break out to the ALCS. Game on!

I’m superstitious too, so I’ll just wish you good luck on the eve of our series! I’m too nervous to sleep!

sorry sorrry twins fan didnt you remember last year no chance of beating the yankees see you on the golf course!

sorry sorrry twins fan didnt you remember last year no chance of beating the yankees see you on the golf course!

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