Road Trip: Miller Park

Wisconsin%20Fishing%20Map.gifThis past week, a few family members and I took a road trip to the great state of Wisconsin to see the Twins play the Milwaukee Brewers. Having other relatives that live in the area, I had made the trip twice before, but not since 2005.

Now, earlier this year I had made the claim that Miller Park was a better stadium than Target Field, so throughout the entire two-game trip I was making some mental notes to compare both stadiums.  Here is what I came up with:

I think everyone can agree that the Brew Crew have the weather advantage, what with the retractable roof.  However, in terms of pure ballpark asthetics, it comes down to two things…inside & outside.


When driving up to Miller Park via the massive parking lot, the entire structure looks much more magistic than Target Field, which is hidden away behind multiple buildings and structures, to the point where one never seems to get a clear look at the entire edifice…


On the inside, however, there is absolutely no comparison…


Miller Park is nice, but (visually-speaking) it as an aura of “plainess” to it.  The outfield wall is a traditional padded fence, filled with artificial structures and a few just plain eyesores around the outfield.  Plus, while there may be open sky when the roof is untouched, the sky is the only view you will be getting from your seat, as the infrastructure for the roof itself blocks out any views of the city of Milwaukee.

target field.JPG

By comparison, Target Field is a visual treat, what with the limestone walls, live flowers, and pine trees surrounding the outfield wall. The HD scoreboard makes Miller Park’s board look like that TV in your basement that’s been sitting around for 20 years versus your new flat screen in the living room. Plus, the view of downtown Minneapolis seems to stretch for miles and is quite spectacular.

Of course, one cannot wholly blame the Brewers for these shortcomings, as I doubt an HD scoreboard could have been constructed back in 2001, but it is nice to know that (for once) a Minnesota sports team is on the cutting edge of stadium design, not the other way around.

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As a Brewers fan that visited Minneapolis last month, I found I like Target Field a bit better. There are some similarities, but the view of the city can’t be beat. Miller Park looks onto spreads of parking lots and industry–not pretty. Walking around Target Field, I can’t imagine there to be a bad seat in the house and I actually love the urban setting. For a ballpark that’s literally in the heart of a city, it’s gorgeous. And, while I went to the worst game possible, I had a great time just walking through the park and taking it all in.

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