An Off Day, A New Format

TwinsCapGlove.jpgWhen I started this blog last summer, I was unemployed after graduating college, and thus had pretty much an unlimited amount of time to devote to my writing on it.  This past fall however, I snagged a part-time job at my local Wal-Mart store as a sales associate.  Thus, I had a bit less time, but was still able to update the blog on a pretty regular basis.

Now, however, the Wal-Mart position has morphed into some pretty steady fulll-time hours for me, leaving me with less time and energy to be blogging all the time.  So, from this point forward, the format of this blog is going to take on a bit of a different look.  Instead of recapping the events of the previous game and previewing the next one, I will now just blog about the Twins topics that I find interesting, new, or intriguing.

To be honest, I never really got into the whole “recapping” thing anyway…the way I see it, all you out in the blogosphere probably already know what happened.  You’re just reading blogs because you enjoy the personalities that are writing them.  In the future, I am going to try and do more of that…emphasizing my own opinions/experiences with the Twins (and all of MLB) in place of nightly recaps.

Thanks for reading this blog from time to time and hopefully you have found it to be interesting!

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Look forward to reading your thoughts on the Twins in future postings, Zack! Keep up the good work – your insights are always valuable.


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