Leo The Lip Gets It Right

JackieLeo.jpgToday, baseball celebrated the anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier back in 1947.  I wanted to quickly recount my favorite story of that entire experience:

When Jackie Robinson first came up to the then-Brooklyn Dodgers, their manager was Leo “The Lip” Durocher.  Of course, there was fallout just within the clubhouse walls as to whether Jackie should be allowed to wear Dodger blue, and a petition was passed around on which a signature declared a person’s opposition to Robinson.  I believe it was during Spring Training of 1947 when this issue came to a head, and the petition (including at least half the clubhouse) was given to Durocher.  As legend has it, he studied the paper document for a moment, then proceeded to give a heartfelt speech as to how HIS club would feature the best baseball players based on talent, not skin pigmentation.  He concluded by telling the players exactly where they could stick that petition.

So thank you, Leo, for combating the bigotry/racism that permeated the game of baseball at that time.

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