Lucky The White Sox Lost

STifled.jpgAs the above picture very adeptly shows, the Twins’ batsmen were a bit out of focus tonight against Indians rookie Scott Lewis, scoring just one run in the ninth inning.

In typical Twins fashion as of late, when the starting pitcher (Kevin Slowey: 6 IP, 3 ER) turned in a quality start and the bullpen (two perfect innings) did its job, the offense was mysteriously shut down by a left-handed hurler, and a green rookie at that.  Besides a 3-3 performance from Delmon Young (raising her average to .289 on the season), the Twins collected just two hits (including the Mauer home run in the ninth) the entire game.

In the heart of the pennant race, these are the types of games that are depressing to lose.  However, the Pale Hose also fell to the Bombers, so we’re still hanging in their.  I was talking with my Dad (a big baseball fan like myself) about the Twins’ playoff hopes, and he was rather negative about the whole subject, thinking that even if the Twins DO make the playoffs they will make another early exit.  One thing I would like to remind him (and all of you), though, is that ANYTHING can happen in the playoffs…there is a reason why they call it the “second season”.  Just two years ago, the St. Louis Cardinals had the worst single-season record (83 wins) of any playoff team in history, but went on to win the World Series.  My point is that the past is thrown out the window in the playoffs, especially that short, five-game first round that has produced many upsets over the years.  We just need to GET IN!


-To be honest, the most troubling sign I see from the Twins right now is the continued free-fall of reliever Matt Guerrier.  When Matty is on, the entire bullpen falls into their roles easier.  When Guerrier falters, the whole pen is stretch and becomes less effective.  Guerrier covered the loss of Neshek for the first half of the season, but now that hole is very apparent.

Preview (82-68, 2nd, 1.5 GB CWS): Francisco Liriano (5-3, 3.19) vs. Zach Jackson (0-3, 5.63).  Liriano will almost certainly handcuff the punchless Tribe tomorrow night, but Jackson is another lefty, so you never know how the offense will react.  It looks like a cake-walk, but how many times have I said that on this blog and have it blow up in my face?!  We’ll win if we can hit, let’s just leave it at that.

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