Guess Who’s Back…Back Again

0_mlb_baseball_minnesota_twins.gifAfter a two-week, Internet-free vacation at “The Cabin”, I’m now back to give my nightly analysis of all things Minnesota Twins.  Here is a quick summary of how things played out in my brief absence:

-The race with the White Sox is as tight as it can get.  Somehow, Ozzie Guillen has his strange mix of aging veterans and (very) fresh youngsters still atop the division.

-Despite winning nearly every series in August so far, a deepening ***** is developing in the Twins’ armor: The starting pitching is great…for 5-6 innings.  Thus, the bullpen is used extensively nearly every night and wears down.  Matt Guerrier is so overworked (or, overutilized might be a better term) that he is nearly completely ineffective.  Even Joe Nathan is pitching more innings than Gardy would like him too.

-After playing Oakland at home the beginning of this week, the Twins begin a two-week road trip in Los Angeles (of all places), due to the Republican National Convention coming to St. Paul, Minnesota.  This stretch has the potential (since the Twins have stunk on the road this year) to break this young team, or give the young players confidence that they really belong on top of the division.

Preview (70-53, T-1st w/CWS): Nick Blackburn (9-6, 3.73) vs. Justin Duchscherer (10-8, 2.59). I believe this will be the Twins’ first look at the A’s this season.  That being said, we’ll be seeing a lot of the AL West in the coming weeks.

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