The Fat Man Goeth (Hopefully…)

Fattie.jpgOne question: How long are we going to let this continue?  Seriously.  In the middle of a tight pennant race, why the Twins run the Fat Man out to the mound every week is beyond comprehension…especially when Liriano seems ready in the minors.

Tonight, Livo gave the ChiSox a 5-0 lead after four ups.  Completely unacceptable…especially when it happens on nearly every occasion that the Fat Man toes the rubber.  With that big deficit, the Twins were unable to play their speed-ball game and thus lost 8-3.

Honestly, that’s about all there is to say about this game.  If we have to release Livo, then that is what must be done.  Even if Liriano comes up and gets hurt, his replacement would STILL probably be better than Hernandez.

Preview (59-48, 2nd, 1.5 GB CWS): Scott Baker (7-3, 3.38) vs. John Danks (8-4, 3.18). After the excitement created by the first two wins of this series, it would be just as big of a letdown to lose the final two.  Baker can be our stopped, and we need him again tomorrow.

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