Go-Go Is Perfect; Morneau Clutch

JustinMorneau.jpgDespite seeing the Twins fall behind 4-0 after four and a half innings of play tonight, I still just had this feeling that the Twins would eventually figure out Richard’s (White Sox starter) herky-jerky motion.  In the bottom of the fifth inning, I was proven right in a big way:

Run-scoring singles from Carlos Gomez and Joe Mauer cut the lead down to 4-2, but the Twins still needed a big hit when Justin Morneau came up with the bases loaded and two outs.  As usually, Morneau pounded a double that scored all three “ducks on the pond” and put the Twins up 5-4.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, a single from Mauer (scoring Gomez) proved to be quite necessary, as Joe Nathan allowed a solo home run to Nick Swisher before banking the save.

My Thoughts:

-I believe Twins fans should be lucky that we have a ballplayer as special as Justin Morneau.  Though the exact opposite of Kirby Puckett in both stature and personality, Morneau reminds me a bit of Puck due to his high batting average, good power, and knack for delivering clutch hits.  Morneau actually has more power than Puck, as well as much better plate discipline.  We are now finding out why Mornie was signed to the longest contract in Twins history during last offseason.

-If Ron Gardenhire continues to use Gomez in the lineup on a consistent basis, the nine hole may just be a nifty slot for him.  He had a perfect 3-3 game tonight, including two runs scored and one RBI.  Perhaps not having the pressure of leading off weighing him down will allow Go-Go to thrive once again.  Plus, the combination of Gomez-Span-Casilla (when healthy) is a terrific trio in front of Mauer-Morneau-Cuddy-Young.

-Before tonight’s game, Ozzie Guillen (Sox skipper) was running his mouth to the media again, this time defending his “love” for the Twins (many ChiSox writers have criticized him for being “too nice” to the enemy Twins).  To me, Guillen is just jealous of what we have and he doesn’t.  I think he would love to field a team based on speed and defense like we do, but his GM Ken Williams (who once picked a fight with Frank Thomas, proving how smart he is) keeps signing marquee power free agents, building his team around power (that is now aging).  Plus, the White Sox have no one even close to the clutch-hitting abilities of Morneau.

Preview (59-47, 2nd, 0.5 GB CWS): Livan Hernandez (10-7, 5.31) vs. Gavin Floyd (10-6, 3.57). Can the Dome magic continue?  You know the Fat Man will give up some runs, so the bats better have some pop in them tomorrow again.

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