Sweeping The Tribe

sweep.jpgThis weekend, I was out of town for the Fourth of July and thus not able to update this blog.  Essentially, here is what happened in my abscence:

Friday: Twins paste the Terrible Tribe 12-3.

Saturday: Twins pasted the Tribe again, 9-6, but just have to come back from a three-run deficit to do it.

Sunday: The real interesting game of the series.  With Cleveland clinging to a 3-1 lead heading into the eighth inning, Indian starter Cliff Lee was mowing down the Twins in near-record time.  However, perhaps stewing over a previous altercation with Carlos Gomez, Lee melted in the eighth, allowing three runs that proved to be enough for a 4-3 win.  If the Twins can come back against Cliff Lee this year, they can come back against anyone!

Short lesson learned from this series: The Twins did what they needed to do against a sluggish Indians club.  I was impressed by their moxie in the third game, as it would have been easy to just say “hey, we got the series won” and throw in the towel against Lee on a hot afternoon.  But, to their credit, the young Twins played their hearts out and came away with the sweep.

On to Fenway!

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