Slapping the Nats


The game wasn’t on TV today, but the results were exactly what I expected…a clean sweep of the Washington Nationals.

With the 9-3 afternoon win today, the Twins got great production from the offense.  Cuddyer reached base in every plate appearance, while Mauer, Kubel, Buscher, and Harris each contributed two hits apiece.

Not to be overlooked, though, is the eight strong innings (allowed just three earned runs) from starting pitcher Glen Perkins.  Perkins gave up 10 hits in those innings, but was able to wriggle out of trouble enough times to pick up a victory.

Okay, so the Twins just swept the Nationals and are on top of the world, right?!  WRONG!  That has been a major problem with the Twins this year, as they seem to have emotional letdowns after big series wins.  Sweeping the Nats is great, but they still are the Nats (arguably the worst team in the NL).  A much bigger test is coming this weekend against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Preview (37-36, 2nd, 4.5 GB CWS): Randy Johnson (4-4, 4.76) vs. Scott Baker (2-2, 3.71).  I will be sitting in the upper deck behind home plate in this game…do you think I’ll see a few strikeouts?!  If the Big Unit is on he can still be unhittable, but he isn’t nearly “on” as much as he used to be.  These days, Baker can match him inning for inning.

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