The Busch-Man Cometh

For all you die-hard Twins fans out their, has anybody ever noticed that the Twins always seem to get good play from their rookie call-ups right off the bat (even if that production wanes in the future)?  In the recent series with Milwaukee, Brian Buscher came up from Triple-A and essentially got the game-winning hit on Saturday in extra innings.  This got me thinking about some other Twins who have made an immediate impact on the “big club”:


Lew Ford: Came out of nowhere in 2004 to hit .299 in a full season of at-bats (including a bunch of clutch hits), but then dropped off the map and is now playing in Japan.









Michael Restovich: Was touted as a “blue chip” outfield prospect for many years (because of his power), then came up to the big leagues in ’03 and won a game in a most unusual fashion: By striking out but reaching first base and allowing the winning run to score!  Never lived up to his potential with the Twins and bounced from Colorado to Washington to Japan.





Mike Ryan: Was a late-season callup in 2003 and almost single-handedly catapulted the Twins past the White Sox in a key series at the Metrodome.  Was last seen with the Twins in 2005.








sears.jpg Todd Sears: Hit an exciting walk-off home run not long after his first call-up in 2003, then faded into oblivion.












Jason Tyner: Came over from Tampa Bay in mid-summer 2006 and, for likely the first and only time in his career, could not be stopped, as he fit right in with the Piranha attack.  Now plays for Cleveland.

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