The Tables Finally Turn

Finally, a blowout victory (10-2) in the Twins’ favor!  The Twins have been on the other end of one of those WAY too many times the past week and a half.

Of course, as usual, the strong effort was made possible (geez, I sound like PBS) by a starting pitcher…in his case Kevin Slowey.  He made quick work of the Brew Crew, allowing just two earned runs in eight innings.

The offense also gave Slowey an earlier 1-0 lead, then built it up to 4-0 after four innings.  Again, there is nothing more settling to a pitcher than to not have to be perfect on every pitch, and I think Slowey really benefited from that tonight.  Whether it was clutch hits, doubles, triples, home runs, or even sacrifice bunts (that turn into hits!), the Twins managed to do it all tonight.

Finally, it is always fun to watch the pitchers bat in interleague play.  Slowey was incredible with the bat tonight, launching a double off the base of the wall in left field and then singling in two runs later in the game.  To be honest, I bet the Twins wished that they played in the National League.  Think about it…most AL teams the Twins play have some big slugger off the bench at DH, while more often than not the Twins have guys like Brendan Harris or Mike Lamb.  In the NL, however, there is just one less slugger that the pitchers have to get out.

Preview (33-35, 5.5 GB CWS): In the second “premium” game (read previous post) of the Miller Park series, Glen Perkins (2-2, 4.58) will pair up with Jeff Suppan (4-4, 3.78).  Why not win the series right away and not wait around for the third game?!

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I was at the game, cheering for the Twins of course. I was 16 rows behind home plate. Amazing game to be at. Stephanie

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