“Premium” Games My…

Before recapping the action of later tonight (hopefully a well-played Twins victory!), I wanted to share something that I feel is a complete injustice to the game of baseball…so-called premium games.  Being a Twins fan, I will explain this “phenomena” (although I’m guessing many of you know what I am talking about already) from my point of view:

Basically, the Twins are trying to screw over their fans for a little more money by adding “premium” games to the schedule (this has been going on in Minnesota for a few years now).  Whenever the Red Sox, Yankees, or Brewers come to town, the price of each ticket is raised by three dollars.  To me, this is the ultimate insult to fans, and almost could be seen as price-gouging (although baseball is not under government jurisdiction, so it’s not likely there is anything that can be done about it).  Do these games somehow mean more in the standings than the others?!  No!!  The only reason they are “premium” is because the Twins organization knows that fans want to see those games, and thus just charge more.  The Milwaukee deal bothers me the most, as the Twins know that the neighboring-state series is usually a big draw.

The reason I bring this up before tonight’s game, though, is that the Brewers do the same thing (I think they started their “premium” games just recently).  I have an aunt who lives in Wisconsin, and sometimes we make it a road trip to visit her and take in a Twins/Brewers game at beautiful Miller Park (what a stadium!).  Usually, we paid about $40 for lower-deck seats, which isn’t too bad.  This year, however, I went to look for tickets for those same seats and found them to be upwards of $60.  I couldn’t figure it out…until I noticed that the Twins games at Miller Park are now “premiere” events, and thus cost more.  This was a major (combined with the high gas prices) factor in our family’s decision not to make the trip this year.

I am afraid that baseball is slowly turning into professional basketball (as far as prices are concerned), and that scares the heck out of me!  Baseball is supposed to be a leisurely family sport, without the violence of the NFL or the attitude of the NBA.  However, even small families are no longer able to afford outings to the ballparks, as once you factor in parking, concessions, and “premium” games, the price is akin to giving up half a week’s wages for 2-3 hours.  It’s absurd.  With the skyrocketing gas prices, I honestly think that baseball may have to do something about their price scheme, or there will be a lot of blue (meaning empty) seats covering the Metrodome (and all other ballparks) this season and beyond.


I’m a Rays fan, and they do the same thing to us at Tropicana Field. Red Sox and Yankees (and this year, Cubs) games are considered “prime games,” for which ticket prices go up $5. So $9 upper level seats are now $14 for those games. I usually avoid these games because of the money involved. I’m not sure it will get any better anytime soon.

Great observation. In St. Louis, premium games are any game on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, plus, any game versus rival Chicago Cubs. The extra premium: $20 per ticket. No relief in sight, when you consider, in the St. Louis case, that the Redbirds lost 20-2 tonight and Busch Stadium was sold out, over 44,000 in attendance. Now that’s a premium loss!

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