Juan is Gone

I didn’t get a chance to watch much of the game tonight, but when I turned on the TV it was 11-1 Cleveland and thus not exactly a scintillating experience.  Basically, it looks like the Fat Man got beat up again.  More than any other of his starts, this is a very bad thing for Livan…as if he can’t pitch decently against the Indians this year, I don’t know where he will ever pick up another win.  The offense went in the tank again tonight as well, but when you are behind 6-0 after three innings, regaining the lead seems like a daunting task, and thus batters try to do too much.  Also, a chance to gain a game on the White Sox was lost, and now the Indians themselves are breathing down our necks.

The big news today, though, was the possible demotion of Juan Rincon to the minor leagues.  He has 72 hours to accept his assignment, or he will be placed on waivers (where some team will inevitably pick him up).  I think that this is completely the right move, but what really interests me is whether Rincon will remain loyal to the Twins and accept the demotion, or be greedy and refuse.  Here’s the way I see it: After a few dominating seasons as the setup man to Eddie Guardado and Joe Nathan, Rincon seems to have lost all ability to ever return to that form again.  In the meantime, the Twins have kept him on the roster long past what common sense would dictate, likely out of loyalty to his past performances, clinging to the hope that he could possibly regain some smidgeon of his old self.  After the past week, however, it became clear that a drastic change needed to be made.  So, like I said, it will be interesting to see how Rincon chooses to react.  I would like to see him remain loyal to the Twins and go down to the minors to see if he can get himself straightened out, but I have a sneaking suspicion he will not, as most players don’t seem very loyal to their teams in this day and age.

Preview (32-35, 5.5 GB CWS): The Twins begin the main portion of their interleague play schedule tomorrow when they travel to Milwaukee to take on the Brew Crew.  Kevin Slowey (2-6, 5.15) will square off against Dave Bush (2-6, 5.85).  A series win would be nice…for a change.

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yeah im a giants fan and this is pretty similar with Barry Zito. The thing that sucks though is the Giants cant let him fix his stuff in the minors because of his waayyyy overpaid contract.

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