A Sad Day All Around

Today, in almost a mirror-image of last night’s contest, the Twins weathered a rain delay, took an early lead, and saw that lead quickly vanish due to a collapse of the starting pitcher.

The victim today was Kevin Slowey.  Slowey made it through one whole inning today before giving up the long ball (a three-run blast to Nick Swisher), then barely made it through the third inning, first allowing three more Chicago runs.  Once again, a Twins starting pitcher turned in a complete failure of an appearance.  During that third inning, it was as if Slowey was throwing BP to the White Sox hitters…he could not get a ball past them.

The sad part of today’s game, however, was watching Juan Rincon get knocked around once again.  Even though I think that Rincon’s career may be finished at this point, it is still a sad moment to see him fall so far.  He did so much for the Twins during the ’03-’05 seasons that I am rather embarassed at the Twins organization for making him endure this endless punishment.  I am completely perplexed as to why he is still on the team?!  He has stunk for two and a half years, yet somehow he is still around.  I heard a theory floating around that the Twins are only keeping him on the team so they don’t have to pay the rest of his contract, but at some point you just have to cut your losses and “pay out”.

On a final note, I turned the game off after the fifth inning today (once the Twins were behind by double-digit runs), as I didn’t want to watch another pounding.  If that was the thought-process going through my brain, what must the Twins themselves have been feeling?  As I mentioned in an earlier post, falling behind by multiple runs in the early innings of a ballgame is one of the most deflating moments in baseball.  Though I realize that these players are professional and will always give their full effort, it still must be daunting to look up at the scoreboard from the batter’s box and find yourself down by double-digits again.

Monday Preview: Provided the weather holds out, the final game (a make-up date from an earlier rain-out) of this series will pit Glen Perkins (2-2, 4.50) against Jose Contreras (6-3, 2.76).  At this point, the Twins can no longer look at the standings or their record or anything like that…they just need to get in the win column.  Contreras has been pitching well this season, but he does have his bad days.  Of course, that won’t matter at all if Perkins doesn’t last more than a few innings.

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